Day One Events: Saturday
9:00 Sign up for Boatercross Race at SSK, start in order of sign up.
11:30 Sign up ends, Mandatory Boaters Meeting.
12:00 Everyone head to Redgate in shuttle trucks.
12:30 Boatercross race starts -  K1, PR/IK.
After the Boatercross Race will be the Redgate Downriver Race to Shirley Towne, with a mass start by class.
Awards ceremony and party will be at SSK following the races.
Please contact SSK @ 495-1505 if you would like to volunteer your time for this festival, donate prizes, food, drinks, etc.  Stay Tuned for More Details.      
If you would like to sign up early it would help us plan better, and save you time
on saterday and sunday mornings. Go to our facebook page to sign up. or call 495-1505    Order of sign up will be draw order.
Event Descriptions
Boatercross: Groups of four charge down the first rapid of Redgate or five fingers plus the first drop on Redgate. First two advance to next round.
Red Gate Down River Race : Mass start,pack raft/IK first, then Intermediate/advanced K1, then expert K1. First across the finish line in each class wins.
Rodeo: Throw down at Three Knuckle Rock, Peer vote detirmines win.         
Entry Fee: $15 per Person
    Gets you into all four events         
Red Gate Downriver:
Day Two Events: Sunday
9:00 Sign Up for Rodeo
        Start in order of sign up.                
11:00 Sign up ends, set shuttle and work your way to Three Knuckle Rock playwave.
 1:00 Rodeo starts 
 3:00 Meet at Susitna Sled and Kayak for Awards Ceremony.
              Free Camping at SSK Friday and Saturday night.                                                                                                                                    
Saftey boaters, Timers and Judges Needed
Sign up now, Call 495-1505

We need volunteers to help drive the shuttle.
We also need people willing to be Timers and Judges. call James or Deb @ 495-1505
Festival dates are May 31 and June 1
Susitna Sled and Kayak
Presents the 2014
Willow Creek Whitewater Festival
Big Thanks to Our Sponsors