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Kayaking Alaska
Side-Surf Siberian Kennel
Susitna Sled and Kayak
6 Mile Creek 5/2/09
6 Mile Creek May 2nd 2009
Willow Creek May 24th 2009
APU Canoe Trip on Willow Creek
First Canyon on 6 Mile Creek
A pull-off on the way to Hope, Alaska was full on Saturday when a group of 16+ jonesing kayakers met up to paddle 6 Mile Creek. The river is showing itself after a long winter of being incased in ice and is now calling out. The kayakers pulled out their gear, all the while chatting amongs themselves of the excitement due to come. They quickly got ready and carried their boats down to the edge of an ice shelf which hung over the creek. The temperature was hot for these Alaskans and getting into the water to cool down was the only thing on most of their minds.
There was one inflatable kayak amongst a crew of hardshell kayakers, each taking their spot along the edge of the ice. One by one the kayakers pushed themselves off the ledge, landing upright in the fridgid waters. A few kayakers warmed up to the water by doing a few rolls and braceing movements, others simply floated downstream while waiting for the rest of the pack to catch up.