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Susitna Sled and Kayak
Dog Collars
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$5.00 each, colors come in Blue, Red, Yellow, Black, Purple and Green.
Dog Collars are made of 1" nylon webbing and a 1 1/2" ring. Two heavy-duty sliders are added for easy adjustment. Once adjusted, it cinches down and stays there unless you need to re-adjust it for growing pups. Recommended for dogs on stakeouts.
Same fine quality as full circle collars but with added feature of limited slip which allows collar to be worn looser for house dogs or dogs in runs. When the dog pulls against the collar, it tightens up to limit without choking. Saves wear on neck hair and still allows control. Works well in towline also. Ring is 1 1/4." All double sliders.
All Collars $5 each
Padded Collars $7.00 each
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