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Standard construction consists of BLACK webbing, neck and chest padding made of polarplus (polartec 300) or closed cell foam which is very lightweight.
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All Sizes $20.00

EXTRA SMALL (XS) for 30 pound dogs with 16" necks and 24" lengths. Padding color for standard harnesses is grey.

SMALL (S) for light racing dogs in the 35-40 lb range measuring approx 18" in the neck and 25.5" in length. Padding color is red.

SMALL MEDIUM (SM) for longer bodied and more slender racing dogs in the 40-45 lb range measuring 18" in the neck and about 27" in length. Padding color is blue.

MEDIUM (M) for the blockier racing dogs, many of the smaller Siberians will wear this harness or dogs with thicker hair and necks in the 43-48 lb range measuring approx 19" in the neck and 26.5" in length. Padding color is green.

MEDIUM EXTRA LONG (MXL) for lean rangey racing dogs, 45-50 lbs, small males or many of the females

LARGE (L) for blockier racing dogs like many of the male sibes or dogs with thicker coats and necks measuring 21" necks and 28" in length weighing 50-55 lbs. Padding color is blue.

LARGE EXTRA LONG (LXL) for longer bodied rangey dogs 55-60 lbs measuring approx 21" necks and 29.5" in length. Padding color is green.

EXTRA LARGE (XL) for the large full bodied dogs or dogs that are heavily furred measuring 23" necks and 31.5" in length and weighing in the 60-75 lb range. Padding color is grey.

EXTRA EXTRA LARGE (XXL) for the even bigger dogs weighing in at 75-90 lbs and measuring 27" necks with 22.5" long bodies. Padding color is red. EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA LARGE (XXXL) for the giants, weighing in at 90-120 lbs and measuring approx 31" necks and 34.5" in length. Padding color is black.

NOTES ON HARNESS CARE Nylon webbing shrinks! Use only cold water and mild detergent to clean your harnesses and drip dry. Don't force dry them with direct heat or they will shrink up to one or two sizes.
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Measuring Your Dog for an X-Back Harness
Follow Adanacs measuring guide to get a great fit on your ZIMA x-back harnesses. The most widely copied x-back in the world since 1954. Please make sure the dog isn't crouching and it is standing on all fours. Also measure the dog's body, not hair. They do not offer foam harnesses in XXL or XXXL sizes.
1. Start with the end of the tape on the point of the breastbone (it is the point on the front of the dog's chest that is usually indented and has a bone on each side of it) and pull the tape snugly around the base of the neck, above and in front of the shoulders and back to the starting point. This is the NECK MEASUREMENT. Do not go just halfway around. Most dogs are not symmetrical like humans. The dog must be standing upright and tall not sitting, crouching, or bending for any of these measurements.

2. Start at the same point on the breastbone. Pass the tape straight down the chest, in between the front legs, against the chest, upward and to the rear crossing the back of the rib cage ending at the center of the base of the tail along the back where it attaches to the body. This is the LENGTH MEASUREMENT.

3. The dogs height, standing at the withers (top of shoulders). This is the HEIGHT MEASUREMENT.

4. The dogs WEIGHT, noting whether it is fat or lean.

5. The dogs BREED, note type of hair coat. Is it thick, medium, or thin coated.

6. Dogs AGE.

Accuracy is important. Take your time and do it accurately, get help if you need it. Be sure your dog is standing squarely and isn't hunched up, twisting or stretching. Pull the tape snugly especially with long coated breeds. Dig your fingers down through the hair to find the reference points. Don't guess at the weight or height.