Tim Johnson first introduced this river to us and best describes it in his river guide book called "Alaska Whitewater"  a must read book for the kayaker enthusiast.
   The trail, which unexpectently had several road sign along the way which read "Permanente Road" will eventually dead end into the East Fork of the Kings River, way past the put in for the lower part of kings river. 
   For this we had to abandon our four wheeler a few miles down Permanente Road.  With our kayaks and gear in tow behind us, we made our way through the jungle of fallen trees and overgrown brush till we reached the cliffs edge over looking the river.
   The clear turquoise water smoothly poured over black boulders of slate forming small boulder gardens and II+ rapids.  I could not believe the beauty of this river.  I was in such 'awe' that I forgot to take pictures.  We ran the river practically without stopping.  This is a must do again river in 2009 with Timmy.  I'll have pictures next time.  See you on the river. 
Debra P.
A pull out off the Glenn Highway. This is the trail head to get to Kings River.  Here we are, strapping our kayaks and gear to the trailer towed by the four wheeler.
Have something to say about kings river? Email me at debradap@hotmail.com, I will add it on.
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