Aqua-Bound Paddles 
One Piece Paddles
          Length   Shaft   Blade    Offset      Price  
   Shred 194cm  Glass    Glass      30r   $130.00
   Shred 194cm  Glass    Glass      15r   $130.00
   Shred 197cm  Glass    Glass      15r   $130.00 
Four Piece Paddles
          Length   Shaft   Blade    Offset      Price 
   Shred 210cm  Glass    Glass       30r        $140.00
   Shred 210cm  Glass    Glass       30r        $140.00
susitna_sled_and_kayak_shop010011.jpg susitna_sled_and_kayak_shop010010.jpg susitna_sled_and_kayak_shop010009.jpg susitna_sled_and_kayak_shop010008.gif
 H2O-2  Bentshaft $350.00
194cm 30R, Bentshaft, Lg Grip
 H2O-2 Fiberglass $175.00
194cm 30R, Straight, Fiberglass, Lg Grip
197cm 30R, Straight, Fiberglass, Lg Grip
 H2O-2 Carbon Fiber $205.00
194cm 30R, Straight, Carbon, Lg Grip
Werner, H2O and Aqua Bound Paddles
 Werner Performance Paddles
Carbon Powerhouse $300.00
194cm 15R Straight Shaft, Sm Grip
194cm 30r Straight Shaft, Sm Grip
Susitna Sled and Kayak
Whitewater Paddles
susitna_sled_and_kayak_shop010005.jpg susitna_sled_and_kayak_shop010004.jpg susitna_sled_and_kayak_shop010003.jpg susitna_sled_and_kayak_shop010002.jpg
 H2O-Team  Paddles $370.00- ON SALE 250.00
194cm 30R, Bentshaft, Sm Grip
 Werner Premium Whitewater Paddles
Fiber Glass Powerhouse $250.00
194cm 15R Straight Shaft, Sm Grip
197cm 30R Straight Shaft, Lg Grip
 Werner Sidekick Premium Whitewater Paddles
Carbon Fiber $400.00  ON SALE  $300.00
194cm 45R Bentshaft, Lg Grip, 1 Piece
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